viernes, 13 de marzo de 2009

PLAY: Ciclo de Videodanza (versión Inglés)

PLAY09, International Videodance Season began in the city of Oaxaca, Mexico, organized by Paulina Rucarba and Ximena Monroy, as part of XI Muestra Internacional de Danza de Oaxaca (MIDO) 2009.

The program of PLAY09 included 52 audiovisual pieces, created during the last 3 decades in several countries. Pieces were presented in 50 minutes screenings during 7 days. Each day screening was chronologically presented, showing the evolution of dance for camera’s recent history. Within some of the representantive pieces of several videodance styles, we presented Le P’tit Bal (France); Boy, Motion Control (United Kingdom); SZiS, Linda Manera, Dame Vidrio (Argentina); Partida, Animal Racional (Brazil); Variacions en una recta (Spain); Religare and BETTY (Mexico).

PLAY09 had agite y sirva, festival itinerante de videodanza as guest, which presented a preview of its 2009 edition, a program of 8 pieces received in its international call. Videodance or dance for camera combine this 2 disciplines, mixing their resorts in order to intertwine the movement-space-time-body relations. 

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